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What's new?

Reel To reel tape machines

Reel to Reel recorders like vinyl in records are here to stay.

The period tape machines like Ferrograph were hand built to last and were built  in the UK, just like the classic radio's of the same period use off the shelf components . With that classic valve sound and mechanical design whats not to like. Every instutution had them BBC, schools, armed forces and if you were lucky the private owner to .With the correct servicing some 50 years later they are  as good as the day they left the factory


Retro with Classic designs are now very popular. There are a number of client's who collect from a certain decade, this can be for personal interest or as props in television or film, through to interior design. At times we are asked to supply good looking models but are not fully functional. If there is a particular period radio you require please contact me to your specific needs so we c

an do the hard work for you.

classic radio shop
classic radio shop
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Vintage and classic television receivers

With the increase interest in classic television receivers typically of the 1950's and 1960's, Classic Radio Shop can offer repairs, servicing and restoration of these social icoms.

In fact I had started my electronics career at the age of 15 working for a little TV shop in Luton.  Little did i know then, that I would be working on televisions at the time considered old by the 1970's standard some 40 years plus later, "what goes around comes around" this statement is quite true.

I feel that with the technology now available with convertors like the popular Aurora and at very competive prices, avalilable from Crowthorne Tubes in the UK, more people now can enjoy these television receivers in their own home, not just in a museum or with the need of a high technical background in the technology to do it.

Because of this trend television receivers are showing signs of increase value, but just like radio just because its old, it may not reflect its true commercial value, so buyer beware.
As these period electronic chassis were built with standard off the shelf components it is not often that a set can not be brought back to life after some 40 years plus of sleeping, though one has to remember that certain components for example line output transformers , and to some degree the picture tube are specific parts and may be harder to source .

I offer a comprehensive workshop so as to be able to align and check the picture tubes emmision as well.

It is planned to also offer TV receivers for sale and  these can be shown fully working either at the workshops here or vis Skype  if requested.


This Pye Continental just came into the workshop and has not been touched in years, these were first produced in 1956 and like most receivers of the time are AC/DC, so beware, in fact this one is the same age as me and it's hard to decide who has aged better , The wife to decide.

This television will be re-polished allowing the natural wood to glow as the veneers underneath are mahogany, when you consider at the time this was hidden by a darker coloured laquer of some sort, how times have changed.

The first thing of course is to check out the chassis and as can be seen in the photograph a little dusting will be required to see what it looks like and of course the emissions from the CRT.

More photo's will follow showing its progress.

Note , after checking the tv receiver in this case the tube it was found to have no emmisions at all, so this model will not be going further in its work. This is always the issue when buying a set with no information or as to its sevicebility, this comes down to two things , the CRT and the Line output transformer (LOPTY) being ok, most things in a television receiver can be repaired in the same way as a radio with most parts standard off the shelf components, these two items are more difficult, the lopty can be re-wound but quite expensive and the tube i would assume would now be a replacement rather in my earlier days when  small company would  re-gun the tube for you, if anybody knows where this still can be undertaken please let me know.

Bush TV62 (1956)

I have been working on this model recently, and should be available for sale very soon. These make good sets for everyday use this model having the 14 inch tube is also a nice size to fit in any room and of course  fitted into a bakelite case, gives it an attractive finish.The chassis is in fact the same as the  TV57, 53, 56 etc which were produced the year before and are proven to be very reliable, helped by the simple line output transformer there is little chance of expensive breakdowns.

The photo attached shows a Dr Who episode taken off air with the help of the Aurora single convertor( SC ) which is obtainable in the UK via Crow Thorne Tubes, and Mr G.Horrox will give you all the advise you will need to use one of these convertors if you are not familar with them or please just call me if in any doupt.

Still work to be done, but this one is getting there

This is the test card C as used by the Aurora convertor which in this country is supplied by Crowthorne Tubes, this little unit not much larger than a matchbox offeres you a complete solution of taken a digital signal from a satellite , DVD, Free view box , Free sat etc and converts its to 405 lines allowing you to enjoy watching either old TV programs on dvd again or even current programs. This units allows you to output to any of the channels as were used and when no signal is present reverts to the test card C as pictured.

I can't give you a valid answer but seeing an old tv receiver working makes it rather special , something a radio can't quite match. In fact quite a few people are amazed that you can now do this.

Low tube emmisions


After testing the crt the emissions were so low, making this project a non starter at present. I find that if a television receiver has not been used for many years than a quick emmision test will often show that the crt is not very good, but often raising the heater voltage by 25% for just a few mins max , then testing will show increase in value and placing it as a good project.

These tv sets are not rare so it is quite possible at some time to find a replacement.

PYE LV20 F, the F refering to fringe. This little receiver dating from 1949 will be a great set to work on, the 9 inch crt is now showing very good emmisions and even the cabinet is in overall good condition, this set was designed for only one of two regions at the time and has a TRF stage, so will be fun to get this one up and running

Bush TV57 17 inch TV console model (1955)

I know i should have taken a picture before i started taken this one apart. The set has had the electronics restored and works very well, the case as seen is being stripped down and i will be fully restoring the case work, as there are the usual marks and slight veneer damage of some 60 years of service. This set, hard as it is to believe is been in the same home from new, i just could not see a flat screen tv set have a fault and just be left in the corner some 30 years later when they have come back in fashion.

Bush TV57 Chassis

The chassis are very clean with no rusting, the one on the left is the power supply and line time base with the If stage including tuner on the right hand side. For some reason any discolouration seen is always on the I.F chassis not the HT one ?. This will be for sale as soon as the case is complete.

Just purchased this Cossor 938F 14 inch multi channel receiver, work to be undertaken, all round , but a nice example of a 1954 tv and at a original purchase price of £51 16s 9d was quite a home entertainment investment at the time.

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