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212 Roughton Road

Cromer. Norfolk NR27 9LQ

close to Roughton Road station

Phone: +44 01263 519278

Mobile 07743372028


Note. call the main line first as the mobile is on only occasionally.


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Business hours. We are open when ever you need us. Monday - Sunday

What's new?

We constantly up-grading our stock of period radio's


Retro with Classic designs are now very popular. There are a number of client's who collect from a certain decade, this can be for personal interest or as props in television or film, through to interior design. At times we are asked to supply good looking models but are not fully functional. If there is a particular period radio you require please contact me to your specific needs so we can do the hard work for you.

classic radio shop
classic radio shop
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Solutions and services

If you have purchased a radio etc and need a little advise i,m happy for you to give me a call. If I can i can either by phone or by Skype perhaps help you, please feel free to ask. A number of clients puchase from auction sites like Ebay. Buying anything remote is a risk, because you can't really see it, only the photograph or two to give you a indication as to it's condition.

But bargin's can at times be had. But with any auction Buyer beware.


When you purchase a radio from us, the radio is guranteed for 4 months. With anything of age there is always the possibility that something may fail. By experience we know as to what might cause a problem for reliability and these are always addressed. If a problem does occur, please return the unit, where it will be re-paired, soak tested, this means being left on for at least 8 hours before being returned to the client.


One advantage about period radio's they generally are bomb proof, unless the transformer or choke if fitted fails, there is nothing that cannot be repaired, hence why there are so many still working today.


A french Polshing service is available for radio cabinets as well as furniture if required. In the past I have restored period pieces of furnature as well as piano's including concert grands, so size is not an issue. French Polish does allow for easier repairs in the future and using water based dye's you can create different effect woods rather than stain the whole body.

The finish can be what is known as a piano finish, this is a high mirror glaze, usually in black or a finish giving the impression that the radio is some years old but in very good condition, down to a sheen finish.similar to a wax polish.

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