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What's new?

We constantly up-grading our stock of period radio's


Retro with Classic designs are now very popular. There are a number of client's who collect from a certain decade, this can be for personal interest or as props in television or film, through to interior design. At times we are asked to supply good looking models but are not fully functional. If there is a particular period radio you require please contact me to your specific needs so we can do the hard work for you.

classic radio shop
classic radio shop
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TV & Film Hire

Classic Radio Shop can offer production company's a number of different period radio receivers, from the 1920's up to the 1970's.

These radios are fully working and can be used or in most cases are just background  props. The vintage radios can be supplied with period batterys and the glass 2 volt LT batterys as well.

The radios can be delivered via courier within 24 hours if required.

Due to space limitaions not all the radios are displayed so please ask if you require a particular model or decade.

The Aeonic Suitcase V , was a London based company residing at 90 Regent Street W.1 and retailed at first to the stores in London. This model produced in 1929 would have been familar to the  window displays at Selfridges at the time , offering their customers a quality suitcase  leather portable radio for the gentleman around town for the sum of 16Gns.

In June 1929 an advert in the Daily Express showing this radio, with a headline reading Aeonic leads again in refusing to increase prices


The price today reflects a retail price of around £1000 - £1500

1929 Aeonic V portable suitcase radio

Pye Q portable, first produced in January 1932 by Pye Radio Ltd, Paris House, Oxford Street London W1. A self contained radio designed with using a high-efficiency pentode allowing more output (200mw) and reduced current consumption.

These were for the well to do family who already had a radio receiver at home and wished to have something to take with them when entertaining at picnics or just in the garden.

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