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What's new?

Reel To reel tape machines

Reel to Reel recorders like vinyl in records are here to stay.

The period tape machines like Ferrograph were hand built to last and were built  in the UK, just like the classic radio's of the same period use off the shelf components . With that classic valve sound and mechanical design whats not to like. Every instutution had them BBC, schools, armed forces and if you were lucky the private owner to .With the correct servicing some 50 years later they are  as good as the day they left the factory


Retro with Classic designs are now very popular. There are a number of client's who collect from a certain decade, this can be for personal interest or as props in television or film, through to interior design. At times we are asked to supply good looking models but are not fully functional. If there is a particular period radio you require please contact me to your specific needs so we c

an do the hard work for you.

classic radio shop
classic radio shop
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Bush MB60 radios

The Bush MB60 was first released in June 1957 and of course was valve not transistor ?, reason being that the general public felt assurance of reliability in something they were used to rather than these funny little 3 legged things, how times have changed. In many ways this model is more sensitive and selective than the later TR 80 series with the fact it had an extra I.F stage but within 3 years this concept had changed and Bush using the same iconic cabinet and chassis created a easier production model with The TR series as transistors, hence the prefix.

Today the MB60 is collectable and I have a number of clients requiring me to find examples to restore or repair for them.

But at the same time I'm now finding sellers on for example Ebay having a rather inflated value to something that is damaged, or has a number of missing parts." As before buyer beware". They do come up and despite the sellers idea "RARE" are not uncommon to find.

The radio is generally very reliable despite its age, and common faults are the waveband switch dirty and quite stiff, valve holders require cleaning, in most cases the valve pins, at times the speaker cone can show signs of being worn, on one the primary mains transformer had gone open circuit , something i was not expecting to happen as it had taking me months to locate a mains lead. It not had occured to me to check the mains power supply first ?.

As these were mains/batterys models I think it was quite rare for the owners to use the portability side and just had them at home, hence finding the battery that was used in one of these is very hard as yet not located one. The earlier production model had a combined 90 /1.5 volt  Ever Ready B147 very slim 4 pin connection and is identified with a different valve layout than the later model, up to serial number 12,001. I mention this as the service information you can find including Electrical Trader sheet 1403 shows the later layout model and used Ever Ready B131 HT, and two U2 1.5 volt for the LT heater chain.

This is a MB60 taken apart by me to restore for a client, note the typical marks to the front case, these can be polished out and the trim, with these models often show tarnishing due to the lacquer. The first picture is the radio completed

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